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How Can You Use Enterprise?

  • Scale and Accelerate Applications, RESTful APIs, and Microservices
  • Orchestrate, Federate, Transform Data for Fast Aggregations and Joins
  • Higher Performance, Greater Speed and Reliability
  • Reduce Servers and Network Traffic, Reduce Costs for License, Support, and Hardware
  • Complete More Innovation Projects, Faster Time to Market
  • Lower License, Hardware, and Support Costs

Ready for digital transformation?

Challenges Solved

Existing schemas, versions, legacy solutions, and a variety of sources are a headache! How can we deal with "data spaghetti?"

Strategic Goals

  • Go to market faster modernizing applications, developing microservices, fueling our BI programs.
  • Reduce workload on data sources like Oracle and system tie-ups.
  • Lower cost per request and overall support costs.
  • Abstract away from data sources, generalize data representation, retrieve, manipulate data.
  • Win with a faster and simpler approach.

How can you transform your business?

Unlock Value

Cost Reduction

  • License and hardware cost reduction.
  • Lower support and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced cost for systems integration.

Market Agility

  • Increased flexibility and performance to create value.
  • Faster time to market to capture value.


  • A publicly-traded provider of mobile services wanted to improve reduce the query latency of their Oracle applications. The Oracle workload was reduced by 10x and database latency by 5x.
  • Allowed the development of new analytics applications.
  • Impacted financial performance saving millions of dollars in license, hardware, integration, and support costs.

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