Tarantool In Memory Data Grid

Speed up and scale applications and microservices!

Blazing fast in-memory and disk database.

Reliable ACID transactions with a non-blocking application server.


Why Tarantool

Tarantool features an in-memory and disk database, cache, and application server optimized for fast ACID transactions and lightning speed of up to 1 Million TPS on a single CPU core! Speeds computations and analytics, processing many 100k+ or millions of complex requests in parallel. The network is utilized more efficiently and network protocol is fully asynchronous handling heavy workloads without increasing latency.

Persistence with REDO log of transactions that can be configured with full fsync mode whereby each commit is confirmed only when the transaction is persisted on disk. Standard replication mechanisms such as master-slave and slave-master to persist when the master copy is down. Backups are always in a consistent state with all completed transactions, completed on the go with zero downtime.

An application server with HTTP/RESTful API, SQL, Lua, ODBC, JDBC, Pub/Sub, and Enterprise Service Bus interfaces for clients as needed. These enable you to use Tarantool as a ready-to-go backend which you can call directly from your application layer including BI tools, applications and microservices, and real time monitoring systems.

Tarantool unites your data sources without the load of ETL for a single point of data structure control. Quickly federate your data sources, create joint reporting and unified records, and improve delivery speed. Development is simplified, and you have access to hot and historical data before data warehousing!

Tarantool’s onboard Lua application server allows you to call other network services like HTTP. Writing business logic inside the database eliminates unnecessary requests, speeds complex processes, and allows data to be delivered in the desired form. App server does not block, even if network services slow down.

Tarantool can integrate with any data source with a variety of prebuilt functionality and owners of each data source can create their own connectors to simplify IT management.

Call any data source or any HTTP API right from inside a stored procedure in Tarantool. You can also call Tarantool via HTTP from within other systems.

Data harmonization quickly transforms data between sources to allow for new applications to seamlessly interact with legacy systems and other schemas.

Rapidly go to market with a new web-grade application or microservice architecture, and at the same time reduce the workload on older sources and application servers.

  • Faster time to market.
  • Lower license, maintenance, and support costs.
  • Eliminate expensive hardware requirements and vendor costs.
  • Faster performance with efficient in-memory and disk processing.
  • Simpler integration and management for acquisitions and change.
  • White glove service to ensure success.

Accelerate and Federate Any Data Source


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Finance, Fintech, Insurance

Fast reliable transactions for modern web-scale finance

Telecommunications and Mobile

Unify customer data and add power to improve service delivery

Internet and Software

Improve user experience, manage data easily, and speed up services and applications

Energy and Utilities

Capture, analyze, and use your data, to provide service more efficiently

Transportation and Logistics

Know, track, and act. Utilize data, including geospatial, to improve operations

Media and Communications

Relevant engagements delivered on more reliable applications


Improve legacy applications, utilize fast data, and connect sensors and hubs

Retail and eCommerce

Power better experiences from product recommendations to checkout transactions

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All our benchmarks are open because demonstrable performance is paramount

Measuring Performance: How to Choose an In-Memory NoSQL Solution
Tarantool vs Redis, Aerospike, Memcached, VoltDB
Test on GitHub: One Million Transactions Per Second on a Single CPU Core

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