Module table

Module table

The table module has everything in the standard Lua table library, and some Tarantool extensions.

You can see this by saying “table”:

tarantool> table
- maxn: 'function: builtin#90'
  copy: 'function: 0x41e9d300'
  new: 'function: builtin#94'
  clear: 'function: builtin#95'
  move: 'function: 0x41e918e0'
  foreach: 'function: 0x41e91588'
  sort: 'function: builtin#93'
  remove: 'function: 0x41e917c8'
  foreachi: 'function: 0x41e914b8'
  deepcopy: 'function: 0x41e9d2e0'
  getn: 'function: 0x41e91620'
  concat: 'function: builtin#92'
  insert: 'function: builtin#91'

In this section we only discuss the additional function that the Tarantool developers have added: deepcopy.


Return a “deep” copy of the table – a copy which follows nested structures to any depth and does not depend on pointers, it copies the contents.

  • input-table – (table) the table to copy

the copy of the table




tarantool> input_table = {1,{'a','b'}}

tarantool> output_table = table.deepcopy(input_table)

tarantool> output_table
- - 1
  - - a
    - b