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Based on Open Source

Tarantool is completely open and free

Fast and Scalable

Built by database professionals running several multi-petabyte storage systems and dedicated to challenging the status quo


Master-master replication and disk persistency to ensure 100% durability

When you have hot data, you need performance

Traditional databases usually won't scale past a few hundred transactions per second without in-depth tuning and customization. And when your site is hit with lots of requests, you may quickly drain your database capacity and degrade customer experience. This is a common scenario where caching solutions are added to the game.

But performance is not a reason to sacrifice safety

What caching solutions like regular memcached won't give you is durability. If a machine serving your cache goes down, your data is irretrievably lost. Tarantool gives you a convenient memcached-compatible interface and speed plus guaranteed WAL-based disk persistency. If Tarantool has acknowledged a "put" request, you may be sure that the data will not be lost.

Get an insight into your usage patterns

Using our admin dashboard you can track cache hit ratios, memory usage statistics, request frequency, and other metrics that will help you track down and fix performance problems in your stack.

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a database for web-scale systems

Tarantool is a database that is used on sites with millions of daily users.
And it is used by top web companies.

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