Что нового?
Что нового?

Что нового?


Документация находится в процессе перевода и может отставать от английской версии.

Что нового?

Здесь собрана информация о существенных изменениях, которые произошли в конкретных версиях Tarantool’а.

Более мелкие изменения и исправления дефектов указаны в отчетах о выпущенных стабильных релизах (milestone = closed) на GitHub.

What’s new in Tarantool 1.7.6?

Tarantool 1.7.6 was released on November 7, 2017.

In addition to rollback of a transaction, there is now rollback to a defined point within a transaction – savepoint support.

There is a new object type: sequences. The older option, auto-increment, will be deprecated.

String indexes can have collations.

New options are available for:

Что нового в Tarantool 1.7?

The disk-based storage engine, which was called sophia or phia in earlier versions, is superseded by the vinyl storage engine.

Добавлены новые типы индексируемых полей.

Обновлена версия LuaJIT.

Automatic replica set bootstrap (for easier configuration of a new replica set) is supported.

Функция space_object:inc() объявлена устаревшей.

Функция space_object:dec() объявлена устаревшей.

The space_object:bsize() function is added.

The box.coredump() function is removed, for an alternative see Core dumps.

The hot_standby configuration option is added.

Configuration parameters revised:

  • Parameters renamed:
    • slab_alloc_arena (in gigabytes) to memtx_memory (in bytes),
    • slab_alloc_minimal to memtx_min_tuple_size,
    • slab_alloc_maximal to memtx_max_tuple_size,
    • replication_source to replication,
    • snap_dir to memtx_dir,
    • logger to log,
    • logger_nonblock to log_nonblock,
    • snapshot_count to checkpoint_count,
    • snapshot_period to checkpoint_interval,
    • panic_on_wal_error and panic_on_snap_error united under force_recovery.
  • Until Tarantool 1.8, you can use deprecated parameters for both initial and runtime configuration, but Tarantool will display a warning. Also, you can specify both deprecated and up-to-date parameters, provided that their values are harmonized. If not, Tarantool will display an error.

What’s new in Tarantool 1.6.9?

Since February 15, 2017, due to Tarantool issue#2040 Remove sophia engine from 1.6 there no longer is a storage engine named sophia. It will be superseded in version 1.7 by the vinyl storage engine.

What’s new in Tarantool 1.6?

Tarantool 1.6 is no longer getting major new features, although it will be maintained. The developers are concentrating on Tarantool version 1.9.