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How Can You Use Unwired IIoT?

  • If you're a tech maven or a legacy loyalist, you're in luck
  • Rapid hub deployment to interact with new and existing hardware
  • Gather rapid intelligence from the field.
  • Control business logic to more efficiently manage your data and network
  • Unified data view to create efficiencies in your industrial internet of things

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Tarantool IoT is a database combined with an application server installed on a minicomputer at the industrial site or in transport. It comprises the following parts.

  • A fast database management system
  • A fast application server
  • A set of modules to interact with many sensor protocols, such as MQTT or MRAA
  • Master-master and master-slave replication mechanisms
  • Replication within the site and between the site and the cloud

Challenges Solved

Vendors are expensive, clunky, don't integrate with hardware such as PLC, or lack flexibility and power to innovate.

How can we improve or launch new capabilities in a better way?

Strategic Goals

  • Rapidly deploy more sensore or new hubs
  • Use commondity hardware and flexibly source
  • Avoid cosst and imporve performance with high velocity data
  • Allow local and centralized management, or both
  • Do it with a faster, more cost-effective, and simpler approach.

How can you transform your business?

Unlock Value

Cost Reduction

  • License and hardware cost reduction.
  • Lower support and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced cost for to integrate new hardware.

Market Agility

  • Flexibility to utilize commodity hardware, vendors, and data systems of your choice.
  • Faster time to market to deploy Unwired IIoT or any other solutions of your creation on top.
  • Designed to power industrial intelligence and control, and that means cost savings!=


  • A publicly-traded shipping and transportation company wanted to relay sensor information from around the world into their data center.
  • Less than 3 months later, their project was completed savings months of time.
  • The project was less than 30% of the cost of competitors!

Your needs go beyond basics?

  • Tarantool and Tarantool IoT are both fully programmable platforms
  • They support scripting languages, for example Lua, a de facto standard in embedded systems, as well as low level languages like C and C++

Don't feel like writing code on your own?

  • We got it covered. We'll code any business logic on top of Tarantool to solve your specific problem

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