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How Can You Use Data Virtualization?

  • Simplify Management of Sources and Schemas
  • Faster Process to Unlock New Insights
  • Orchestrate, Federate, Transform Data
  • Fast Aggregations and Joins for New Data Mashups
  • Greater Agility, Rapid Modernization

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Challenges Solved

Existing schemas, versions, legacy solutions, and a variety of sources are a headache! How can we deal with "data spaghetti?"

How can you transform your business?

Unlock Value

Market Agility

  • + Escape system and vendor lock.
  • + More easily develop and manage using any of your existing data and sources.
  • + More informed decisions faster.


  • + Faster aggregations and mashups across new and legacy sources.
  • + Supports fast processing for any custom business logic.
  • + Easily launch fast, scalable REST services using your data.


  • + Greater persistency than cache systems, greater speed than ACID-reliable systems.
  • + Ability to utilize existing data to innovate for web applications, internal applications, real-time systems, and web services.
  • + Faster time to market with less integration effort.

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