Tarantool DBMS Now Supports Replication from MySQL

Tarantool developers have revealed a MySQL-to-Tarantool replication system designed to decrease the workload on MySQL databases.

The replication mechanism enables users to automatically synchronize data between the two databases. A single Tarantool server can handle the workload that can challenge 20 MySQL servers. The MySQL administrator cuts the workload on the servers by rerouting read requests to Tarantool.

The system is designed for companies heavily relying on MySQL to both save on hardware and development costs, and speed up their mobile and web-based applications.

“Migrating to a new DBMS often calls for serious changes to the existing infrastructure. Tarantool’s new replication system might be a solution for those who are not yet ready to take this step: by taking advantage of Tarantool’s functionality, companies will only need to make a few slight tweaks to their infrastructure. Any business actively using MySQL can easily set up MySQL-to-Tarantool replication to increase performance and expedite request processing. Yota, the broadband services provider and smartphone manufacturer, recently deployed an Oracle-to-Tarantool replication mechanism, which has significantly improved the speed of their services and reduced the workload on their Oracle servers. They are now using replicating data from the two most popular DBMSs in the world: Oracle and MySQL,” commented Dennis Anikin, General Manager of Tarantool.

Tarantool now supports replication from MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, DB2, and any source can be configured or added for clients to support their environment and schemas.

About Tarantool

Tarantool is fast NoSQL database, cache, and an application server all in one. It is offered in two solutions: Unwired IIoT and the Enterprise Solution. Tarantool is owned by My.com and Mail.ru Group, publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange (MAIL:LSE), and the 5th largest internet company in the world with over 2,000 engineers in 10 global locations. The technology is continuously developed in partnership with businesses and the open source community. Please direct press inquiries to press@tarantool.io. For more information, please visit www.tarantool.io.

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